Wodonga West Primary School aims to meet the needs of all children through comprehensive curriculum planning and a wide range of  extra curricula programs.

 Our curriculum is innovative and has been recognised nationally. In 2006 we received a “National Award for Quality Schooling” which was awarded in recognition of exceptional achievement in the education of young people in Australian schools. We are  implementing a 2 year curriculum plan of Rich tasks which are aligned to the new Victorian Curriculum.  These cover a wide range of engaging topics from F-6.

We aim to provide all students with a range of learning experiences which will develop skills, self-confidence and independence whilst encouraging a positive attitude towards their schooling. 

The teachers at Wodonga West Primary School are continually developing their skills and knowledge in order to provide high quality teaching and learning for our students. 

The core curriculum offered at Wodonga West Primary School:

  • Encourages students to develop a range of strategies to enable them to confidently meet the challenges of their rapidly changing world.
  • Has a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills with dedicated Literacy and Numeracy blocks across Foundation to Year 6.
  • Has classroom and specialist programs which provide a balance of challenging learning experiences in Science, Technology, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and the Arts. These align with the Victorian Curriculum.
  • Allows students to develop skills in thinking, communication, information and communications technology, design and creativity, civics and citizenship, personal learning and relationship building.
  • Provides specialist programs in Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education and Science.
  • Provides Indonesion instruction for students in F-6.
  • Provides access to information technology through  classroom netbooks and Ipads and other digital technology.  ALL of our classrooms have the use of interactive whiteboards to further enhance student learning using modern technologies.
  • Encourages the develpment of leadership skills and civic engagement.
  • Our staff are trained in "Bluearth" which is a holistic wellbeing and physical activity program.
  • Is the only school in Wodonga to offer students the opportunity to participate in the nation-wide Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program:
  • Is the only primary school in Wodonga to utilise from Foundation -6 the AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) system of strategies to promote successful learners.  This program is also utilised in the Wodonga Middle Years and Senior Secondary college
  • Is utilising 'School Wide Positive Behaviour Program' to build a positive, proactive environment for all students.
  • Provides programs to support student welfare and personal development  conducted by our Student Wellbeing Officer and weekly classroom sessions utilising the "Bounceback" Program.