Student Leadership

Current leaders planning some of the year's activities ...

We have extensive student Leadership Programs at WWPS.  Each year members of the Student Leadership Council are elected by their peers.  Those wishing to nominate for the Student Leadership Council need to prepare and deliver a speech to their classmates prior to an election.  In addition we have a male and female School Captain.  Students nominating for these positions need to apply for the positions and are selected by School staff.

                                               WWPS Student Leaders Profile

Our School Captains and members of the Student Leader Council represent the school on a number of occasions throughout the year.


Organise school events and ...
Represent the school at special school and community events
Present awards, prizes and certificates to students at school assembly
Show important visitors around the school
Attend 1 school council meeting each semester and provide a brief report
Write a short article on “Student Highlights” for our Linkletter each term.
Write a “Welcome Letter” for new WWPS students/families