ICT & Resource centre

Wodonga West Primary School has an extensive computer network. Students have access to netbooks and Ipads in their own classrooms and in their specialist subject rooms. As part of our Victorian Curriculum Rich Tasks students are encouraged to learn and use real life technology skills to complete work requirements. They are encouraged to use digital cameras, videos, iPads, FlipCams, MP3 players, digital microphones, netbooks, printers and scanners to enhance and record their learning. Students use a variety of software and Web 2.0 tools to create presentations to present their research findings and solutions to problems. They edit photos and videos and create computer animations, and can compose and record their own music and audio. They use word processing and graphing software, and develop their literacy and numeracy skills with educational software. 


Netbook Program:

Wodonga West understands the need for students to be computer literate and confident using computers and ICT in a range of situations and scenarios. To this end, we have a whole school commitment to ensuring students have access to ICT and particularly netbooks in their classes, and these are integrated into the learning and teaching of all subjects. Students in Years Foundation to Year 6 have access to large pods of netbooks that are used in Literacy, Numeracy, Rich Tasks.

Interactive Whiteboards:
Our school values the research on Interactive Whiteboards (SMART boards) as a teaching tool. Consequently we were proud to announce that all classrooms have one of these exciting resources- large interactive screens connected to a computer workstation. Interactive whiteboards allow students to have hands-on participation in lessons. They allow teachers to use the multi-media, multi-sensory style that children experience with their computer games and televisions, and harness that interest for student learning. The technology allows teachers to capture material digitally from a variety of sources, and then compile it to create new and exciting, multi-media teaching materials that are relevant to the students and their learning needs. Of particular importance are the collaborative skills students develop when working together using the boards.
Resource Centre:
Our well-resourced Resource Centre opened in 2011 and provides our students with a place to read, source information and find learning materials. The students have access to couches, tables and cushions, providing opportunities for reading in a variety of environments. They also have access to an Interactive Whiteboard and Polycom TV unit that can be used in whole and small group lessons.  This area is also open at lunch and recess breaks.