Support Programs

  • Lunchtime library program.
  • Catering for students with a disability or impairment, students with an ESL background and/or Koorie Education.
  • Access to speech therapy and other para professionals as required.
  • Camps and Excursions program.
  • Cultural events throughout the year.
  • Access to parenting programs.
  • Individual learning and behaviour plans.
  • Computerised student management program linked to our School Wide Behaviour Expectations.
  • Before/After School Facilities.
  • Social and Resilience Programs with our full-time Student Well-Being Officer.
  • Bluearth-a holistic physcial and wellbeing program
  • Growing Aspirations programs for students approaching Secondary School.
  • Studio West - a program run in conjunction with the Wodonga Senior Secondary College Program which gives our students time to work with Secondary students studying Beauty Therapy in the salon at the Secondary School, teaching them hygiene and beauty techniques while also developing their self confidence.
  • Training for Trades program, also for our senior students and run in conjunction with the Wodonga Senior Secondary College.
  • In 2016 and 2017 we will have extra support teachers in all sections of the school from 9-11 daily to provide targetted literacy support and to build on student needs.

Disabilities & Impairments
We offer inclusive programs for students with special needs. Program support groups meet each term to set goals for these students and teachers and support staff and parents work closely together to ensure the students are supported and able to achieve educational goals. We welcome any enquiries from families who may have a student requiring special support at school. 




In September 2012 Wodonga West Primary School became the first Sun Smiles School in Australia!  We are very proud of all the students who signed up for the program.  Sun Smiles has the support of the whole school community, together with the Carevan, Charles Sturt University and the Albury Wodonga Health Dental Service.

Sun Smiles is an oral health promotion program that teaches students how to care for their teeth with fun, hands-on classroom activities.  Students practice toothbrushing skills with oral health puppets and learn about the important role of fluoride and diet in stopping tooth decay.

Studies show that by the age of 6, half of Australian school children will have tooth decay.  Decay can be painful, affecting a child’s ability to concentrate and learn at school.  Home life can also be affected with children not being able to chew foods properly or sleep well.

Fortunately tooth decay is almost entirely preventable!

One of the best ways to prevent tooth decay is to provide your child with a Colgate fluoride varnish treatment. Fluoride varnish can repair the early stages of tooth decay and prevent new decay from starting by strengthening the tooth’s enamel surface. Research shows that children who have fluoride varnish applied to their teeth twice a year have up to 46% less tooth decay in their permanent teeth. 

Applying fluoride varnish takes less than 5 minutes. The fluoride varnish is painted on the teeth with a small, disposable brush. Research shows that most children who have a fluoride varnish treatment find the procedure very easy.

Free dental screening and fluoride varnish.

With parental consent, Sun Smiles provides our students with a free dental screening and fluoride varnish treatment at the school every 6 months.  Students who require further dental care are referred to the Albury Wodonga Health Dental Service.   

The Sun Smiles program also includes a visit from the Carevan, to provide healthy fruit and cheese platters and a milk drink for all our students.  Students also receive a take home oral health kit, with a free Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste.

Sun Smiles information and consent forms are available at the school reception.

Don’t let your child miss out on a beautiful smile!