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Support Programs

Our Student Wellbeing Officer conducts a number of programs across the school to support students and extend student aspirations.

These include:

  • Studio West (open to year 5/6 students) This involves mentoring by Wodonga Senior Secondary College students in their Hair and Beauty Training facility culminating in a pamper session for a significant person in the student’s lives. Participants then conduct a lunchtime program for students at Wodonga West.
  • Training for Trades (open to year 5/6 students) This also involves a mentoring program either in the woodwork or metal trades facility at Wodonga Senior Secondary College.
  • Programs such as ‘Girlfriends’ and ‘Drumming’ and other social and resilience programs
  • Canteen group-students who operate our canteen for sale of snacks three days per week

Studio West – Students working with Wodonga Senior Secondary College students

Training for Trades – Students learning how to use various machinery

In addition our Resource Centre is open before school and at breaks for students who may prefer indoor play.

Students who have a diagnosed learning difficulty or disability, have English as another language, identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or are in Out of Home Care have Individual Learning Plans and Support group Meetings. There is access to specialists such as speech pathology, play therapy, outside counselling and psychology if required for students in need. Access to these additional supports are reviewed by the Assistant Principal on a regular basis to ensure all students are getting the support needed to have success at school.

Other students across the school also can also have individual learning plans. These are developed in consultation with families and reviewed to ensure progress is being made in student learning.

An advantage of our smaller school size is that we are small enough for every staff member to know every student well! In addition to learning plans we also offer additional literacy support right across the school are part of our regular literacy program. We have extra teachers working in the Literacy block of a morning to support learning and enrichment and we keep class sizes as small as possible.