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Kinder Policies

Below are some of the Policies that govern our Kindergarten. For additional Policies or questions regarding our centre routines and procedures, please contact the Kindergarten directly or speak to one of our educators at Drop off & Pick up time.

Parent Information Handbook 2023

Acceptance-and-Refusal-Authorisation-Policy February 2023 

Privacy-and-Confidentiality-Policy November 2023

Child-Information-Sharing-Scheme-Family-Violence-Information-Sharing-Scheme_May 2022

Code-of-Conduct-Policy November 2022 

Child-Safety-and-Wellbeing-Policy June 2022

COVID-19-Safe-Plan April 2022

Coronavirus-COVID-19-Management-Policy April 2022

Control of Infectious Diseases February 2022

Dental Health Policy August 2021

Epilepsy Management Policy February 2023



Governance-Policy November 22

Health Safety Policy September 2021

Hand-Washing-Policy November 2020

Incident Injury Trauma Illness Policy June 2021

Medical-Conditions-Policy March 2022

Nutrition-and-Food-Safety-Policy August 2021

Record-Keeping-and-Retention June 2022

Reportable-Conduct-Scheme-Policy June 2022

VIC-Child-Protection-Policy June 2022

Work-Health-and-Safety-Policy June 2021