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In July 2009 we became a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School. We have a huge vegetable garden including chickens. Classes spend 45 minutes per fortnight in the garden doing jobs as diverse as composting, mulching, weeding, planting and harvesting. In the same week, the produce appears on the Harvest Table in our fully equipped kitchen and students create a meal. Generally this consists of a vegetable meal (although sometimes we add meat), a salad and perhaps a fruit based sweet or muffin. Together with the Kitchen Garden Specialist, their class teacher and the volunteers who assist in the program they share a tasting of the meal at the end of the session.

In May each year our senior students participate in a Masterchef competition. This year pop-up cafes have also featured whereby students create a menu, take orders from their families who attend and prepare and serve the dishes.

Situated opposite our Kitchen we have a Community Wood fired oven and a community garden where we encourage community involvement in growing vegetables.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program is heavily reliant on volunteers and we encourage and welcome volunteers through our volunteer induction program.

For more information on the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program see http://kitchengarden foundation.org.au/